LED Street Light

LED Street Light and led road lighting is cool.

Artificial Led Street Light USA

Artificial night-time Led Street light USA has various effects on humans and that exposure to optical radiation affects human physiology and behavior, directly and indirectly. Many areas are not well understood. A position statement from the Illumination Engineering Society emphasizes mainly the need for further research. There is a main risk from glare. In 2013, […]

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Principle of Led off Road Light

Led is a semiconductor diode, and it can convert electric energy into light energy. Led off road light is created through the principle. Light emitting diodes and diode is composed by a PN junction, also has a one-way conductivity. When the light emitting diode plus forward voltage, from P injected into the N region and […]

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How Led Off Road Light Affects Traffic

Led off road light lights the road going out. According to traffic, everyone will think such things: going home, going to school, work, and shopping… However, when you walk in the street, whether would you think of obeying the traffic rules? For example: to see the lights when cross the street, red light stop, green […]

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Led Off Road Light Related to Safety

How to use Led off road light indicates your knowledge of road safety. According to the investigation and analysis, the main types that primary and middle school students in China can easily cause traffic accidents were: to ride illegally, pedestrians violating traffic regulations, the school bus accident. The phenomenon 1: baby is a sports enthusiast, […]

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The Benefits of Outdoor LED Fixtures

Now, with increasing living standard, more and more people prefer to have a meal with their friend usually in daily life. Well, have you ever pay attention to the advertising board of the restaurant? Many of them are LEDs. Today, outdoor LED fixtures are used widely in daily life. In recent years, LED technology play […]

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