LED Street Light

LED Street Light and led road lighting is cool.

Good LED Street Light

Contrast to traditional lighting technology, LED street light has higher efficiency and longer lifetime. Due to the specific quality of it, this kind of LED light becomes the first choice of the street light bulb type. No matter in which country, street light is the vastest use in urban lighting and it is a kind […]

LED Street Light Quality and Vehicle Lamp

In recent years, you must have been so familiar with the LED product like LED TV set, LED displayer, and LED lights which are often placed in streets. In any cases, quality is the most important thing for products. For manufacturers, high quality products mean more business opportunities; and for users, high quality products means […]

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Why People Use LED Street Light

Roadway lighting is the important part of urban lighting. Traditional street light adopt high pressure sodium lamp which make a great waste of energy because of its large light loss. Nowadays, the environment all over the world is getting worse and many countries begin to develop the clean energy. So, the development of led street […]

The Advantages of LED Off Road Light

Nowadays, you must have been so familiar with the LED light. Indeed, LED technology plays a very important role in our daily life; in addition to lighting, LED technology also can contribute in the field of autos like LED off road light.   For vehicles, the lamp is very, very important for driving safety, especially in bad weather condition (e.g. fog or rain). High quality lamp of vehicles always is very popular on the market. Today, almost all vehicles adopt LED lamps. Why? This is because LEDs has a lot of advantages, for example:   Long Life: An LED light will last over 7 years (constant use) before needing replacementdue to it has a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours.   Energy Efficiency: This is the mostimportant advantages – 95% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light and only 5% is wasted as heat.   Environment: Made from non toxic materials, LED’s are also recyclable and considered “green” or Earth-Friendly; it is very green.   Maintenance: Maintenance and replacement times can be reduceddue to long life; for this reason, the maintenance cost can be reduced as well.   Lower Power Consumption: In daily life, you can find so many traffic signals which justadopt the advantages of lower power consumption of LEDs.   Compact Size: LED bulbs are ideal for fitting into hard to reach and compact areas due to it can be as smallas 2mm.   Safety: LED lights are cool to touch and much safer to handleduring installation and maintenance, this is because it can operate at low voltage; more importantly, LEDs can be exposed to snow and rain.   In a word, LED Lights play a very important role in our daily life now. And you can purchase these products by many ways, for example: traditional or online shops.

How is the Led Street Light Quality?

Roadway lighting is an important part of urban lighting. Nowadays, the environment all over the world gets worse. Energy saving become more and more important. The development of efficient, energy saving and environmental LED Street light has an important sense to saving energy of urban lighting. After the analysis of the led street light quality, […]

Street Led Light – Saving the Energy

Nowadays, the environment is getting worse all over the world. Lots of countries are developing the clean energy. And with the population increasing and the development of the economic, energy saving is badly in need to solve. So the development of the street led light which is efficient, energy-saving, long lifetime and environmental has an […]


The Importance of LED Street Light Quality

In recent years, with development of technology, our cities have gotten more and more beautiful, and LED street lights contribute more to this. At the same time, LED lights are ‘green’ energy; it meets the environmental protection requirements by people. So, it is very important to ensure LED street light quality. Quality is the most […]

LED Off Road Light in Today’s Market

In recent years, with increased living standard by people, we are not surprised to find a lot of off road vehicles on the busy streets. The lamps, as a very important part for vehicles (lamps can contribute more to drive safety, especially in bad weather), have been gotten more and more important. Nowadays, LED off […]

Street LED Light in Our Daily Life

Outdoor lighting play a very importantly role in road safety; however, it consume a lot of energy. So, people would like to find a way to solve this problem; in this case, LED technology have been appeared on the markets- it not only contribute to public lighting, but also energy efficiency. In today’s market, street […]

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